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Birthday Buck by Damhirsch
Birthday Buck
Super cool artwork 4ellyK made for me on my birthday a few months ago! Thank you so much again. I still love it. :D

Artwork made by :icon4ellyk:.
Pumpkin by Damhirsch
The deer got into the pumpkin patch again.

Artwork by :iconthumbelina0004:.
Derpy Doodles by Damhirsch
Derpy Doodles
Doodles of my fawn, Vicuna and Blue Tit characters.

Artwork by by Subdivisions.
The Himalayas by Damhirsch
The Himalayas
I've finally got a Marci badge of my my newest deer fursona, Daimhín the Barasingha. I'm hoping that it'll also be the entry into another series of badges; this centered around the continents with use of various characters I've created. I figured the perfect way to start it off would be to would be to set it in Daimhín's home along the borders of India and Nepal, where the Himalayas can be seen across the horizon.

I naturally wanted it to have similarities to the very first Marci Badge I bought, which featured my other deer character frolicking across a field. The inclusion of a butterfly and a flower seemed like a nice touch.

Artwork by Maarcimcadam.
Deer Duel by Damhirsch
Deer Duel
Daimhín the little deer fawn was quietly trailing through the woods with his mother that day. Having recently fled from lands in the East, the deer migrated towards the Great British forests. At that point they had found themselves in a place called The Forest of Dean. The woods were strange here and not like those at home.

His mother stopped to search their surroundings. Meanwhile, Daimhín found himself wandering off into the woods. He quickly found that he was lost and began to panic. That's when he heard a faint voice. "Ugh, are you lost? I've never seen another fawn like you. I guess you're not from here," said a little fawn of a different colour pattern that wore a scarf. "What's your name? My name's Gage! Don't be scared, I'm not mean," the other deer happily exclaimed in order to break the deafening silence. In a quiet and reserved fashion, Daimhín told the other fawn his name. "I'm Daimhín." "That sounds cool," Gage replied.

Gage quickly turned his attention to a pile of sticks scattered across the floor. "Say, do you want to play a game? We can have a little pretend fight. I've noticed older deer play this around this time of year, except they use their antlers. They'll bash each other with their antlers; it looks super fun! I don't know why they do it, but I think it has something to do with does and girls." Gage then grabbed the sticks and poised them above his head. "Since we don't have big ones, we can use these," Gage said. A couple of woodland critters then appeared out of the trees and undergrowth and trees to watch the unfolding spectacle.

Daimhín gazed at the sticks with awe. "Okay, let's play!" Daimhín grabbed the sticks and placed them above his head just as Gage did. They then slowly circled one another until they eventually locked their sticks, making the sound of a massive clack. They pushed, and pushed and pushed. But both found themselves stopping when they heard an echoing shout in the distance, and the animals soon scurried away. It was Daimhín's mother, who had just found her little fawn. "Daimhín, don't disappear from me like that ever again! And put those sticks down before you poke your eyes out." "But mum, I was just playing with my new friend, Daimhín moaned to his mother. "No excuses — we don't have time to stop here, sternly reaffirmed Daimhín's mother. Daimhín waved goodbye to his new friend as he walked away into the distance by his mother's side.

Another commission from the talented Marci McAdam. This one is based off of my Autumn badge, which I really loved. I've always loved the idea of little deer pretending to have antlers. So I felt further compelled to expand on that badge and have two deer 'spar' with one another and include a little short story to go alongside it. It's also worth noting that this is the first time Gage and Daimhín have ever directly intereacted. It's quite a monumental event for me since they've both been primary fursonas of mine. I'm super happy with how this has come out.

Artwork by Marcimcadam.


Deer Face
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Hello there and welcome to my profile! Here I go by Damhirsch, though I have other pseudonyms such as Gage. I'm a fairly relaxed person that enjoys pursuits such as science, reading and getting lost in nature. On DeviantART I mainly upload artwork others have made of my OCs. I don't do so much art myself. Although that's always subject to change.

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